Posted by: rcottrill | January 22, 2012

How to Promote Hymn Singing

It’s been some time since I called attention to the article “30 Ideas for Promoting Hymn Singing.” As you can see, the list of ideas continues to grow, well past the original “30.”

I encourage you to pick out a few that suit your congregation and give them a try. It will refresh your people, adding to the enjoyment and enrichment of singing together. Even if your church sings mostly contemporary songs now (a sad state of affairs), you’ll still find some useful ideas here.

And if you’ve tried something not on the list, and it’s proven worthwhile, please write me about it. Perhaps it can be added to the growing list and be of help to others.


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    Remember the HYMN BOOK?

    Why not move them from the church basement to the pews and back in to the minds and hearts of your congregation?
    Find them, dust them off, and put them back into proper use – You’ll be glad you did!
    Here are some excellent suggestions on how…


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