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He’s a Wonderful Saviour

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Words: Virgil Prentiss Brock (b. Jan. 6, 1887; d. Mar. 12, 1978)
Music: Blanche Kerr Brock (b. Feb. 3, 1888; d. Jan. 3, 1958)

Wordwise Hymns (Virgil and Blanche Brock)
The Cyber Hymnal

Note: Virgil Brock was a pastor, evangelist, and gospel song writer, serving in Indiana and the surrounding area. He was ably assisted by his wife Blanche, a former school teacher, a singer, pianist and composer. Together they were known as the Singing Brocks. Though Virgil lacked a knowledge of music theory, he produced over five hundred songs, with a musical assist from his talented wife.

We have seen the word “wonderful” several times in these articles. In Old English, a wundor was something astonishing. A wonder is marvelous and amazing. It stirs and excites our emotions as we are struck by its unexpected beauty, excellence, or power.

There are many wonders in nature. In our temperate climate, each season of the year has its own. In the fresh fall air, we enjoy the beautiful colour of the leaves, and winter can be a wonderland of dazzling snow drifts and frosted trees. In the spring, the warming air brings forth welcome green shoots, a sign of reviving life. In summer there are the flowers of every colour and shade to please the eye.

There are wonders in science and invention too, many of which were only the stuff of fiction when our parents or grandparents were born. The development of electric lighting, the telephone, computers, and air travel–which eventually led to journeys into space. Add to that motion pictures, radio, television, and the Internet, in the area of communication and entertainment, and life-saving medicines and procedures that have meant better health, and an increase in the average life span.

There are many wonderful people too, heroes of different kinds. There are the feats of Sergeant Alvin York in the First World War, and the inspiring oratory of Winston Churchill in the Second. After the war, there was the daily courage of Jackie Robinson, as he faced bigotry and hatred to help desegregate baseball.

And a young Canadian comes to mind. Terry Fox (1958-1981) contracted cancer, and it eventually took his life. But, before that, he accomplished an incredible feat. To raise money for cancer research, he ran across Canada from the east coast to Thunder Bay, Ontario–running the equivalent of a marathon each day, for 143 days, on one leg and a prosthesis! His legacy is continued with an annual Terry Fox Run.

But without any question, the most wonderful person of all is the Lord Jesus Christ. In prophecy, before His coming as a Babe in Bethlehem’s manger, Isaiah proclaimed, “Unto us a Child is born…and His name will be called Wonderful” (Isa. 9:6)–meaning that people would marvel, both at His holy character and His powerful works. In the New Testament, the word is used of the miracles of Jesus (Acts 2:22).

As the Saviour of redeemed sinners, He continues His wonderful work today. It’s not surprising Paul testified, “For me, to live is Christ,” and that he had “a desire to depart and be with Christ” (Phil. 1:21, 23). Peter recognized, “To you who believe, He is precious…whom having not seen you love” (I Pet. 2:7, 8). Countless others have found it so as well.

During a meeting conducted by the Brocks in 1918, they were thrilled by the testimony of a traveling salesman who told of leading a friend to faith in Christ, and then of having the same privilege with the man’s entire family. All through his description of this experience, he exclaimed, over and over, “Oh, He’s a wonderful Saviour to me!” The next morning, the Brocks wrote words and music of a song based on those words.

CH-1) I was lost in sin, but Jesus rescued me,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me;
I was bound by fear, but Jesus set me free,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.

For He’s a wonderful Saviour to me,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me;
I was lost in sin, but Jesus took me in:
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.

CH-3) He is always near to comfort and to cheer,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me;
He forgives my sins, He dries my every tear,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.

CH-4) Dearer grows the love of Jesus day by day,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.
Sweeter is His grace while pressing on my way,
He’s a wonderful Saviour to me.

1) What is the most wonderful thing about the Lord Jesus to you, personally?

2) How does this realization affect your life, day by day?

Wordwise Hymns (Virgil and Blanche Brock)
The Cyber Hymnal

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